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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Throneless - Cycles

This is a fascinating one. Bands like Conan and Slomatics have, for a few years now kind of had that world of droney, grunge inspired doom with shouting vocals very much on lock. They had crafted a distinctly English brand of doom that seemed to be coming to define that country's scene. Yet it's always interesting when someone new clears the horizon with this type of music, as the Swedes in Throneless have. Their latest offering Cycles is a powerful and droning masterpiece that brings in some new elements to make things all the more interesting.

It's easy to get lost in what has been conjured up on Cycles. This is a powerful statement from a band who understand the almighty power of the riff. Just listening to a track like Oracle, with the powerful and almost circular riffage roaring out of your speakers and pummeling your ear drums will make you realize these guys are the real deal. Throneless are unleashing the sort of doom metal that leaves you plastered to your seat simply because it's impossible not to drown under the colossal waves of volume and the poetic power that makes these songs so deeply emotional and worth coming back to time and time again.

It's the heavy doses of psychedelia though that have me really digging through what Throneless have done here. Touches of melody and even the occasional effects pedal driven padding help to give this record a sense of bombast that I think not a lot of the bands peers would ever bother with. It means that the more you dig through this offering the more it becomes clear that this is a band who are pushing towards something truly new. These Swedes are coming at you low and slow with differentiating factors out the ass - getting away from this maddening poetry is no easy feat.

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