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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hard Action - Hot Wired Beat

Svart Records has been putting out some really interesting stuff lately, though I will admit a lot of it has been rather esoteric and somewhat challenging for the average fan to dig in to. This latest offering is incredibly potent, not just in terms of what Svart has been doing but in terms of rock and roll as a whole. I feel like a lot of bands these days fall into the same generic tropes hurting them and the genre as a whole. Hard Action get those tropes, but they crash forward with infectious Iggy Pop worshipping vigor you can't quite deny. 

Yet this isn't just another retro band trying to live glory days that will never come again. Instead, Hard Action prove with Hot Wired Beat that they are tied into a whole bunch more. There are distinct touches of modern rock throughout this releases and though it is indeed an album that comes out of 70s garage rock and even touches of punk the general aesthetic feels distinctly modern. It makes for an addictive listen and one with lots of big choruses, fun solos and general rock and roll debauchery to keep you occupied and smiling as you headbang through track after track after track, the sort of descent into madness that has us all freaking out. 

Hot Wired Beat is a great indicator of the power of classic rock on the modern generation. These guys are young and hungry and now on their sophomore release they seem to be aggressively pushing to conjure up bolder realities than ever before. This is the sort of thing you could see tearing up both clubs as well as arenas. Rather than falling into the dull, fat filled songwriting of so many of their rock peers, Hard Action are lean mean songwriting machines and it makes Hot Wired Beat a hard one to put down. 

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