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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Witchery - I Am Legion

It's sometimes a little hard to believe that Witchery has been around for twenty years and is gearing up to release their seventh record. They were always one of the most wonderfully twisted bands to come out of Sweden and the sheer bloodthirst that defined their output always captured my imagination. The band is back now after less than a year with an exciting new record, I Am Legion. It's a release that shows that no matter what the haters might says, Witchery remain extremely relevant in 2017.

The beauty of Witchery has always been the crazed over the top dedication to darker metal tropes. Tracks like True North and Amun-Ra explore tried and true concepts to be sure, but they are wonderfully executed and leave you begging for more. At this point Witchery are legends in their own lifetime, the strangely comforting chainsaw approach of a track like Welcome Night represents the perfect fusion of black and thrash metal, maintaining what could almost be described as a sense of fun as you grind your way through punishing solos and flashy riffs that wouldn't feel out of place on a Darkthrone record.

Getting lost in this record is a lot of fun, you find yourself rip roaring across brash pagan landscapes as the snow blasts into your face and the blood trickles down your cheeks. There is a miserable madness that drives I Am Legion forward, almost as if the band has been possessed by their demonic namesake. Witchery push above and beyond time and time again on this record and it leaves me absolutely mesmerized. Witchery is truly twisted and I can't help but want to sink my fangs into this album time and time again.

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