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Friday, November 10, 2017

Earth Caller - Crystal Death

It's been interesting to see how the deathcore scene has evolved from its late 2000's heyday to where it's at today. Interesting stuff is still being done in the genre and there is still a lot to unpack, but it's also a genre that requires a lot of thought and encourages listeners to delve. A genre always focused on songwriting Crystal Death sees the band pushing their own unique brand of punk infused deathcore madness. Dedicated to the scene and relentlessly ferocious Earth Caller are bringing hardcore to a new generation of kids.

While the record might be a little bit on the nose that's a huge part of the appeal. Earth Caller is the sort of band who understand exactly what the fans want and then deliver it with no strings attached. That being said, Crystal Death has some top notch production. The execution on tracks like No Forgiveness is powerful and speaks to a more grandiose future for the band and their direction. There is a certain subtle poetry to this record that exists as an undercurrent to some of the more mundane and typical elements that define it. Earth Caller fascinate the listener and time and time again draw us deeper into the music.

Forcing people to confront the brutal realities of 2017 is important. This is a dark time and we are running into all sorts of deep and dark problems time and time again. Crystal Death is a record that speaks to the nations youth, a disenfranchised mass who need people to be speaking to what they are trying to do, who will reach out and prove that there is a hope for this lost generation. When it comes down to it there is a path forward, we just need to get our shit together enough to properly embrace it, and Crystal Death might be the light to guide the way.

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