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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Come To Grief/Fistula - Split

Two of my favorite heavy sludge bands have come together on one motherfucker of a split to crack skulls and remind us why we all fell in love with this music in the first place. This is a release that can't help but to impress. Though the tracks aren't perfectly matched, both are just unreleased pieces from the past, it's still a pleasure to get new material from these bands and unpacking it as it washes over you is a listening experience of the sort that only the truest of sludge metal fans is going to be ready for without at least a little emotional preparation. That being said - this is a monster split and one who you just can't stop sinking your teeth into.

Come To Grief kick off the split with the sort of goodness we have come to expect from the band. There is something truly transcendent in their heaviness that is nicely contrasted with the drag you to hell histrionics of Fistula. That all being said, this is a track that has a punishing forward momentum and you can sense the deep sorrow that follows this band at all times. Fistula come at you hard with a piece titled 'Contusion' a word that I think very accurately describes what this band has always sounded like. Their monochromatic scraping and abrasive destruction of all you hold sacred as a listener is delicious and makes for a release that you can't help but to spin as you fall deeper into this masterful hellhole of an album.

For the doom and sludge nerds out there this record is like a godsend. With just seven inches of wax these bands say more than almost all of their peers. In a crowded genre it is reassuring to have something so unabashedly heavy and balls out devastating to point to and say "That - that is the sort of heaviness that I love" Come To Grief and Fistula make for a potent pairing and one that I think we will be digging into for years to come. It's a powerful and to the point release that we won't be forgetting any time soon.

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