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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hyborian - Hyborian Vol. 1

Stoner rock has obviously always fascinated me but simultaneously it's easy to feel that the genre is hitting a dead end of Kyuss worship at times and that gets really fucking frustrating when you want to just sit back and enjoy riffs upon riffs upon riffs. And that's what Hyborian bring on Hyborian Vol. 1. This is an absolute monster of an album that dropped earlier this year and is getting reissued in February on Season Of Mist. This is the sort of stoner rock you can't help but get lost in because God DAMN!

From the first it's apparent that Hyborian are something different. They are executing stoner rock with a distinct flavor, with the sense of fun that made the genre so great in the first place balanced with a sublime darkness that hints at the ties to doom metal that this music has seen time and time again. Toss in some wonderfully intelligent lyrics counterbalanced by guitarmonies upon guitarmonies and you start to get a sense that these guys are writing some of the most put together stoner rock I have heard in a good long while. A genre that seems to almost glorify slacking it can soemtimes be difficult to really sink your teeth into one of these modern stoner rock records, but Hyborian make it wonderfully easy.

Hyborian Vol. 1 is a cut above its peers in so many ways, with everything from the production to the guitar tone to the songwriting proving these guys are the real deal. At first I was surprised to see that Season Of Mist had picked up a stoner rock band, an unusual choice for such an esoteric label. But when it comes down to it, Hyborian Vol. 1 speaks to so much more than stoner rock, it's really just an amazing rock record from a band who have the potential to reach Baroness-esque heights and take on the world with a grimace.

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