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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Communion - The Communion

Masterfully executed and over the top, Communion has always been one of South Americas best black metal acts. However I don't think that anyone expected them to drop their two first albums on the same day. I'm reviewing the second of the two, the fascinating and wonderfully grim The Communion. A record that explores all sorts of unique avenues for the bands development and delves deep into the trve kvlt underground from whence they came there is something endlessly fascinating about this band.

In 2017 we don't find a lot of black metal that proudly bears the inverted cross of fucked up and twisted old school black metal. Most black metal in fact shies away form this and goes more for the artsy fartsy stuff. When it comes down to it though that isn't the type of black metal that really takes us places, nor is it the type of black metal that keeps people going in the hard times. What we are looking for is the sort of twisted blasphemy that only a band like Communion can provide, guiding you deep into dark passages and coming to terms with a reality that is both unfortunate and seemingly growing darker by the minute.

It's easy to get lost in The Communion. It's an album chock to the brim of exciting musical twists and turns and an album that shows the listener there are some truly unique ways for this genre to grow. What I love about it is simply the fact that even when stripped back and laid bare, Communion are veritable masters of the genre. They go for the throat and remind us that there is unreal darkness coming up from all sides. As much as we might want to settle down we need to stand our grown, join the legions and taste the blood.

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