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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Enhailer - Dumb Enough To Care

There is an art to the one song doom metal EP, a distinct class in and of itself, but one that is certainly a little bit less hackneyed than the one song doom LP. Enhailer seem to understand this and their latest offering, perhaps appropriately titled Dumb Enough To Care is a poetic and artsy journey through fields of progressive doom metal with all sorts of fascinating musical twists and turns that I can't quite get enough of. Sick guitar tone, roaring vocals and riffs upon riffs this is the sort of release that wears down the needle.

With this offering it feels like Enhailer are trying, with one song, to give yo ua taste of all they are capable of. From the arpeggiated intro to the audio samples happening later in the track, before giving way once more to the almighty riff it is abundantly clear that not only is this thoroughly thought through but also written with a strong degree of understanding of what is going on in the doom metal scene in the first place. It means that we have a whole bunch to really sink our teeth into and new layers of meaning to find. This is a band who truly understand the importance of melodies and bring it to the fore, mesmerizing the listener and keeping them under their spell.

Balance all of this with a songwriting aesthetic that borrows just as much from new school doom as it does from far older and rock and roll influences and you've got an album that is full to the brim of meaty ideas you can sink your teeth into. The almost apocalyptic sounds bowling out of my speakers serve as a reminder that no matter how jaded you think you are, doom metal can still be exciting and powerful. This is the sort of doom that you can't not fall for. Sure it's abrasive and twisted, but isn't that why we fell in love with this genre in the first place?

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