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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hammr - Unholy Destruction

Oh Hells Headbangers - how do I love you? Let me count the ways! Perhaps first on the list should be Hammr, whose long anticipated debut Unholy Destruction is guaranteed to rip your face off and acts as a constant reminder of the crushing and demented power that thrashy black metal will always have. A one man project filled with flash and grit there is something strangely addictive about this record. It's an album chock to the brim with bite size songs that leave you begging for more as you drown under riff upon riff.

The thing is that through all of this flash and bloodthirst it's fairly obvious that Hammr are onto something special with Unholy Destruction. This is an album that plays on tropes that we all know and love and a record that pulses with the sort of Satanic bliss that only black metal can touch upon. Of course within this there remains a sense of Lemmy like swagger, the manic playing and dive bombs can't help but to hint at that. There also is a sense of twisted madness that only helps to make the music all the more exciting - it touches on that Satanic panic - Venom inspired debauchery that I think drew so many of us to the genre in the first place.

Hammr plays by all the rules for fucked up heavy metal that nerds like us are going to love. Sure it's pretty particular but it's not really inaccessible. There is something strangely danceable about this band and constant ways that the group becomes more and more twisted. the loathsome noises found within are the sort of thing that will piss of your mom but also give you a chance to find truth. Independent and willing to rip your fucking throat out if you try to pin it down, Hammr's Unholy Destruction is a treat for the ears. 

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