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Monday, December 25, 2017

Rise Of Avernus - Eigengrau

This has admittedly not been a great year for orchestral death metal, it's a genre that has kind of been on the decline in the last five years or so but every once in a while a band comes up who so perfectly understand the promise of Septicflesh and all of their peers that the become impossible to ignore. such is that status of Rise Of Avernus a band who perfectly encapsulate the idiom for symphonic death metal, adding doom metal elements and crafting something that is not only potent but also endlessly exciting. 

Filled to the brim with potent riffs and exciting orchestrations there is something endlessly addictive about Eigengrau it's the sort of record that really encourages you to sink your teeth into it and then discover the deeper meanings hidden within. There is a sense of fun that comes with the inherent dorkiness of this kind of music that simply can't be ignored. It quickly becomes clear that above all else, Rise Of Avernus are just out having a good time and that makes for some truly fun fucking listening. Yet within that there is a very real depth and the music takes itself seriously enough to at times border on transcendence.

With cinematic ideas clashing up against traditional death metal this is a record of dichotomies and one that often breaks away from tropes .Yet it also provides everything that you want from a band like Rise Of Avernus. It's bombastic and over the top with the same sort of burning power that made the genre so good in the first place. Losing yourself in the inherent drama is a rare treat and one which encourages you to revisit it time and time again. Compositional masters with neverending ideas - Rise Of Avernus really prove themselves with Eigengrau

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