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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Pestilence - Hadeon

Pestilence have always been a truly special band to me. In a world where I was learning jazz guitar but totally obsessed with old school death metal and weird new age spirituality it was strangely refreshing to have a band who clearly thought about the world in the same way I did and let it reflect in their music. There is a sort of weird and potent majesty to what has defined Pestilence over the years which only serves to make their latest offering Hadeon all the more addictive. This is what we always wanted death metal to be.

What makes Hadeon so delectable though is the same thing that defines so much of the glory of late period Pestilence - the simple fact that all the prog metal majesty and Cynic-esque lyricism is counterbalanced by the raw fucking death metal roots the band won't let go of. While this is perhaps the bands most technical offering to date they are not afraid to slide into those trademark chainsaw riffs and circle pit your face off. There is a bloodthirsty majesty to Pestilence that no amount of jazz soloing or unique chord structures will be able to take away. That's what makes this record such a pleasure to jam time and time again.

It's strangely delightful to get lost in Hadeon, it's a record that takes no shit and pulls no punches and is decidely itself. Sure the rough veneer can make it a little bit hard to latch on too every now and then but in many ways that's a huge part of why I enjoy letting myself delve into it so much. Hadeon speaks to a larger truth and has the stripped back 90s vibe that I think so many of us crave in this world of overproduced and ethereal death metal albums getting lost up their own ass. If nothing is else - Pestilence remain real.

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