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Monday, December 11, 2017

Spectral Lore/Jute Gyte - Helian

Man - this isn't a split that I ever thought would happen or that I would even get to hear. Jute Gyte and Spectral Lore are both incredily unique bands with prominent [places in their respective scenes as leaders of the genre. Jute Gyte has a place as one of the most interesting acts in the avant garde metal world, bringing in all sorts of weird outer influences to create truly unsettling black metal. Meanwhile, Spectral Lore are getting to a point where they need no introduction. Theyt are the sort of band who have a divine poetry defined by Ayloss's masterful playing.

Right off the bat it becomes clear that Helian s something that you are meant to get lost in. you find yourself immediately falling head over heels into the twisted world that Jute Gyte paints for us with powerful soundscapes capped with all sorts of weird ambient frills. It makes for an A side that you can't help but feel a little bit terrified by. Meanwhile, Spectral Lore's contribution is a step removed from stuff he has worked on previously, or at least his recent material. While it's certainly still got that magical vibe this is some of his doomiest work to date and touches on a sense of heaviness not seen in his music since III came out a little while back.

Helian is a powerful release focused on expressionist poetry and concepts of death and man (Embodied by the cover art, whose title, translated is of course "Death and Man") It means that this record has the same sort of sublime twisted majesty that only your favorite acts are going to really be able to call up. Helian is an album that inspires and encourages you to dig deeper, to explore bold futures and sink your teeth into the world of black metal. You can't help but to be fascinated, and though this is a dense listen, it's an extremely rewarding one. 

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