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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Summoning - With Doom We Come

To long time readers it's fairly obvious that I'm kind of a metal dweeb and I like to think that that's a big part of why you read this site. Few bands however bring out the dorkery as much as Summoning. Coming at a point where the dungeon synth genre they godfathered is at an all time peak in popularity, their latest effort With Doom We Come, their first new release in five(!) years feels like a natural continuation for this classic band who have captured my imagination time and time again since I was 14.

There is something incredibly powerful about this bands laid back approach to the genre with roaring guitars lying underneath gorgeous synths which craft incredibly articulate atmospheres for the Tolkien derived stories that have always defined the band. There is a very real power and emotion behind the work of Summoning, a sort of deepset passion that has made this band a longtime favorite for so many. Yes the long form songs and sheer nerdiness of the work can be alienating but I think for a lot of us that's the appeal. This is black metal built to appeal to a very specific type of fan and one that is going to keep us delving ever deeper.

So I invite you to join me in getting lost in this record. With Doom We Come is Summoning doing what they do best for a glorious hour. Sure it might take some patience for the uninitiated but for those of us who are thrilled to once more wander through the bold fields of Middle Earth, to gaze upon the myth of Eru and to remember the might of the once proud Numenoreans this is a rare treat indeed. Every entry in Summoning's catalog is a new treasure, and this one more than most. Let them carry you away.

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