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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Narcos Family Band - Pink Blues

Sometimes there's a band that fits right into it's time and place, sometimes there's a band, and I'm not saying a great one that just defines the zeitgeist of its space and which gives the entire scene something to rally around. Sometimes there's a band, and I'm talking about Narcos Family Band here who just rock straight out and it doesn't fucking matter what else you might think. The bands latest offering Pink Blues is four tracks of delicious punk rock and will leave you slavering in the blood - it's a wild ride.

The rock and roll derived bass lines of Pink Blues perfectly counterbalance the shouted vocals and auditory sneers that define Narcos Family Band. This is the sort of Philly basement scum that you can't help but to love simply because it brings so much to the table time and time again. It speaks to a weird reality where punk scenes are brought together because when it comes down to it this is the only family we have. The Narcos Family Band captures this glory and the magic that bringing people together can have with its brash horns, blaring guitars and all manner of rareified rock and roll majesty.

Pink Blues is the sort of record that you can get lost in because of its chaotic magic. There are all sorts of loathsome noises that permeate this record and serve to make it something special. The hodgepodge of sounds don't detract from the music - in fact it's quite the opposite.The sense of the bizarre and the overwhelming LOUDNESS of what Narcos Family Band have done here serves to create a sort of obnoxious joy. It's the sort of self effacing majesty that only years of basement shows can create - and I love it.

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