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Monday, December 18, 2017

Wake - Misery Rites

Man - there's grindcore and then there's grindcore. It's one of those genres that is incredibly easy to fuck up, but when done well will blow your head out of the water and there often isn't a ton of middle ground. So anytime I open up a promo with those sorts of tags on it I'm naturally a bit leery eyed. It was a pleasure of course to get to jam Misery Rites and come to terms with the fact that not only are Wake talented musicians, but they are the kind of dudes who have what it takes to create a grind record that might just define the genre in 2017.

Right away I think it's important to realize that Wake bring in quite a bit of crust to their sound and beyond that make a big point on songwriting. this is the sort of record that focuses heavily on building up powerful vibes and which uses a sense of twisted evil to fascinate the listener for every step of the journey. There is this sort of balls out aural assault brought in by the ominous intro track Exhumation. It leaves you choking on the corpse of a twisted record, one that shoves your face into the burning wreckage of your life and refuses to let you breathe, until screaming, crying you admit your own pathetic failure. Feelings man. Misery Rites invokes them.

There is a weird pleasure I get out of having this level of sheer fucking anger on a record. The mind melting rage found on these tracks is delicious and speaks to a band who understand a lot more than their guttural assault might imply. Within this all the songwriting truly speaks out. It shines brightly and comes with hooks, a sense of forward motion, and generally the knowledge that this is more than 'just another grindcore band' but rather a band who have the sonic madness and hateful beauty required to turn crusty grind into more than just noise but instead glorious and demented ululations to a dying god.

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