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Friday, January 12, 2018

Genocide Pact - Order Of Torment

Genocide Pact have done a lot of growing up in the last year. Having gone from being another band on A389 with a slightly too rough around the edges record, to Relapse signees with a helluva record it's always a pleasure to watch bands like this blossom. See - what always stunned me with this band was their incredible balls out heaviness and that's not something they had ever been able to properly capture on an album. It always felt like the band was just one step away from reaching the balls out insanity they needed to succeed.

There is something strangely transcendent about the triumph through monumental heaviness that defines Order Of Torment. The beauty of this record comes through on tracks like Structural Dissolution, which shines forth in all of its downtuned glory, showing us time and time again that there is a demented beauty to this music. Relapse has done well in choosing them to represent East coast death metal, simply because they have that balls out crush that I think very few of their peers really compare too. There is a sense of sonic obliteration that defines these tracks that brings us back to the old school of death metal whilst simultaneously being tempered with demented twists and turns that are distinctly 2017.

Getting lost in this crush is a rare pleasure. Order Of Torment is an album that continues to grow on me with every spin. It perfectly taps into the old school stuff I fell in love with as a kid but also shows us that these guys have a deep understanding of their peers in bands like Scorched. Despite all this their beatdown assault and hints of hardcore serve to make them fairly different. It's strange to find yourself being pummeled by the drums in 2018, when we are so used to death metal, but Genocide Pact have made a name for themselves by pulling out your raw still beating heart.

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