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Monday, January 1, 2018

Gravestone - Sickening

Man - Swededeath is a genre that is incredibly hard to pull off. The buzzing guitars, twisted riffs and all out assault so often just sounds plain derivative and doesn't really inspire the listener. When the base elements are so simply legions of pretenders are going to of course be attracted to the genre so they can play the genre du jour. That being said - these Swedes absolutely kill it and unleash something that is completely stunning. With titanic riffs and monster choruses Sickening is a death metal fans death metal record.

There is a twisted assault that has come to define Gravestone that is only tempered by their incredible songwriting prowess. Exciting riffs on tracks like Fucking Your Corpse In Hell give way to even better choruses. These guys nail the aesthetic both visual and auditory making for an album that you want to come back to time and time again simply for its bloodthirsty magic. Toss in a few top notch guitar harmonies and production that pays a fitting tribute to the genre and the magic within and you find yourself digesting a masterpiece. This is a record that you can get lost in and one which will continually impress. It ebbs and flows - but one thing is for sure - Sickening will continue to pummel you with riffs.

When it comes right down to it there is something undeniably fun about Sickening. This is a record that jams hard, that paints all sorts of unique ideas and which blasts forward with the sort of twisted pagan majesty that got so many of us addicted to Entombed. Rather than being a straight homage though Gravestone bring so much more to the table and have me, and countless other fans starting to freak out about a new force brewing in Sweden - these guys could very well be the countries next great death metal export!

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