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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dead Empires - Designed To Disappear

Dead Empires have always been a special band, featuring members of Black Table, The Number 12 Looks Like You, and Torrential Downpour you know that you're in for something eclectic. Tied into this is the simple fact that after having cut their teeth and made their name as an instrumental band this is their first release with a vocalist. Based on rock and roll and full of color there is still something really weird and destructively heavy about the execution of Dead Empires, making Designed To Disappear a fascinating listen.

The beauty of Dead Empires has always been in the breadth of the sound, that even in the heaviest and darkest moments can be contrasted by instances of sparkling clarity. The devastating growls of new vocalist Jason Sherman adds a sort of twisted breadth to this album that makes it even more addictive. Simultaneously the breadth of the compositions is a significant step above what the band has done in the past - It's been three years since their last full length - but it's clear the time was put to good use. The growth this band has seen on every front is insane and only serves to grow my fascination.

Merging Torche with fucked up prog a la Dillinger Escape Plan and then tossing in elements of Mastodon is no mean feat. This isn't a band who were ever meant to be taken lightly. The dynamic range represented on Designed To Disappear is exciting and hints at promising things from these scene veterans. I'm curious to see where they go next as they really come to terms with having a vocalist. As is this is a remarkably powerful and mature release, one that is going to fascinate fans for years to come.

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