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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Heidevolk - Vuur Van Verzet

Heidevolk have long been one of my favorite viking metal bands, largely because there chanted vocal style is so unique, the sort of thing that you would never expect to see from this type of music but which feels so right. The power of the songwriting has always been a cut above their peers and this latest offering Vuur Van Verzet is a testament to how great the band has become and all that they have grown to embrace. Featuring everything that made you fall in love with the band in the first place, but taking significant steps forward it's easy to get lost here.

What fascinates me about Vuur Van Verzet is that it focuses more on the big choruses and payoffs than the band ever has before. While the band has of course always had their fair share of big group chant epics it feels like Vuur Van Verzet is a step up which makes it extra compelling. Toss in a few English language tracks, as opposed to the bands traditional Dutch and you start to get a sense that this is one of their most accessible records to date. Hell, the second track, A Wolf In My Heart is one of their poppiest offerings to date. Of course the layers of production and excellent execution mean that this is no lame cop out but another potent release.

I honestly think that I will never tire of Heidevolk's music. It's so unique and it brings so much to the table, even when they push to more conventional sounds. That being said die hard fans will find plenty of good stuff to sink their teeth into here and it's easy to see why Heidevolk made the compositional choices that they did on Vuur Van Verzet. It's a true pleasure to join Heidevolk on their journey across Germanic shores guiding us into true heavy metal absolution, strap on your helmet and join me in battle!

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