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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Primal Rite - Dirge Of Escapism

You know, there aren't a lot of thrash metal records that come out that make me go "Oh shit!" Most thrash that comes out these days is boring rehashes of big four bands with occasionally a bit of Testament or Exodus thrown in. It's exciting to see bands that go beyond the common limitations of the genre, or at least who see beyond the pizza thrash facade and go on to create something great. In many ways it feels like Power Trip crafted this reality for themselves, and it feels like Primal Rite might be the band to follow.

Plain and simple - there is a sense of sonic assault that makes Primal Rite really exciting to listen to. the punch to the gut kick drum on a track like Sensory Link To Pain is incendiary. It leaves you begging for more and reminds you why you got into this music in the first place. The San Francisco death metal scene is obviously all over the news lately, so it's exciting to get to hear a band who go a little bit further back in crafting their own unique band of chemically potent death thrash that you can't help but to love. Hell - they have three guitars. If that doesn't at least pique your interest I don't know what will. Toss in elements of hardcore and you start to see why Primal Rite have the same cross scene potency that Power Trip do.

Balancing a variety of genres, routinely stunning the listener and continually driving their sound to potent new places it shouldn't be a surprise that people are freaking out. Sure the band needs to develop their sound a little bit more and cut down on parts that feel gratuitous, but for a debut full length this is a remarkably articulate effort. Dirge Of Escapism is absolutely oozing with potential and I'm extremely curious to see how this band continues to evolve and what they can do to expand their sonic pallet.

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