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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Crawl/Leviathan - Split

It's hard to imagine two more important American underground solo projects than Crawl and Leviathan. Both have made a name for themselves as mysterious and potent monuments to the blasphemy of underground music. Both understand the sheer breadth of sound that this type of music can have and are defined by the demonic sense of unreality that they paint. There is something truly delicious about this split, the way that the bands come together to form something devilish and powerful, from which there is no escape.

Crawl kicks off the split with their trademark sense of unease. There is something truly upsetting about their twelve minute contribution to the release. It has the same breadth and demoniac misery that serves to make so many of their releases so essential when exploring the darkest aspects of ones own psyche. Simultaneously Leviathan come forth with a sense of dynamic hatred that you can't easily understand. It takes a few listens to fully grasp what has been painted here and the devilish illusions conjured up under the eldritch night are nothing short of fascinating. It speaks to the power of Jef Whitehead as a musician and his ability to conjure up realities you want no part in, but can't look away from.

When you have a split like this which so clearly defines a pair of underground artists who are both influential and significant to the development of their music worlds sound I think that you can't help but to dig in. This is the sort of release that speaks to me at least on a deeply personal level and forces me to fall in love once again with the void. Extreme underground metal as a genre can be a struggle to truly understand especially when it is as esoteric and noisy as both offerings here, but simultaneously I think that's why we are all so deeply in love with it.

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