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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sentient Horror - The Crypts Below

Sentient Horror have been one of my favorite New Jersey death metal bands for a good while now. With insane and over the top guitar playing, powerful compositions and sick vocals all brought together by a visionary musician, Matt Moliti, their latest EP, The Crypts Below is not only a hands down stunner but also a testament to a death metal band who have come leaps and bounds from their debut in order to prove that they have a place on stage next to some of the biggest and baddest in the scene.

Where in the bands early days it felt like they were a little bit lost under waves of guitar porn and over the top shredding, this record kicks in with authority. The maniacal guitar wizardry that launches the opening track, Enter The Crypts Below is delicious and it only gets better from there. The huge guitar tones and masterful riffage on these songs will leave you circle pitting around your living room. Meanwhile, the Edge Of Sanity cover tossed on to the end of the release is a potent end note, reminding us not only of where the band came from, but how goddamn talented the musicians involved are that they can cover that kind of music.

While I won't go so far as to say that Sentient Horror are like a new Death, the parallels are definitely there, although the band clearly enjoys pushing well beyond that bands boundaries and forging their own sound. The emphasis on sick guitar playing and counterbalancing with tasteful songwriting makes for an EP that is an addictive listen, which encapsulates what makes death metal sick in 2018 but also which drives us deeper into insanity and lets us embrace the true darkness within the modern metal scene.

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