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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Drudkh - They Often See Dreams About The Spring

Drudkh have been the undisputed kings of Eastern European black metal for years now. Their deep niche appeal, brainy lyrics and incredible songwriting has made for a group who countless thousands are deeply in love with. There is a spiritual connection many of us feel with this band that is reserved for acts that are few and far between. After three years of excellent splits though, the world has been clamoring from a new release from these dark masters, and rather than expanding on the proggy vibes of recent full lengths, Drudkh has chosen the atavistic path - revisiting the Nordic black metal of their roots. 

They Often See Dreams About The Spring is an absolutely massive record. It's haunting, powerful, and forces you to come to terms with the true bleakness of this music. It speaks to just how goddamn talented Drudkh are and simultaneously drags us into the deepest pits of hell. Drudkh have done something here that few black metal bands have managed - bringing in disparate elements into what is a true black metal record. While I'm not even going to try to spell out the song titles - the poetry inspired lyrics lock in perfectly with the soundscapes they create, taking us on weird journeys of a sort only black metal can indulge us in. 

It's rare that I find a black metal record that really gives me chills, that revisits the magic of my teenage years, sitting at home alone on a Friday night listening to Agalloch, Enslaved or Darkthrone. Drudkh have transcended themselves here, adding to the legend and reminding us why the legend existed in the first place. They Often See Dreams About The Spring is fascinating and powerful, a testament to the deep emotional power of black metal, and the more I dig into it the more I find myself falling in love. 

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