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Monday, February 26, 2018

Flesh Hoarder - Homicidal Necrophile

It's always nice when you get a record that forces you to ask questions like, 'How does one engage in human drapery?' 'How are necrotic slut chunks different from other kinds of slut chunks?' 'What's the function of ejaculating on the faces of the aborted?' or perhaps most importantly, 'Are all necrophiles also homicidal?' I think you might be getting an idea for the type of music that Flesh Hoarder play. These Texas gore metal maniacs are over the top, punishing, and loving every minute of it. This is exactly the sort of demonic mastery that got us all into the genre in the first place.

Tuned way down low and chock to the brim with demented ideas, gnarly riffage and excellent examples of death metal English Homicidal Necrophile is an undeniably fun ride. I remember seeing these guys at Housecore a few years ago and going absolutely apeshit. Flesh Hoarder understand exactly what makes death metal so much fun and they have the fire in their bellies it takes to craft something not only wonderfully demented but also incredibly well put together. As over the top as a song title like Necrotic Slut Chunks might be, it's also an excellent piece of music. The songwriting here is well above par and gives the entire affair a marked charm. 

The manic scope of Homicidal Necrophile is potent and the mosh worthy stomp of the breakdowns throughout make for a headbanging good time. Willing to play into tropes and chock full of the horror imagery that makes the genre so potent, this is the work of some very talented musicians operating on the extreme underground. This is a blasphemous offering and one that will force you to question your very reality. The sheer destructiveness of Homicidal Necrophile is at times intimidating, and you can tell these guys are hungry for your rotting flesh. 

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