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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Golden Grass - Absolutely

There are few bands who truly understand the power of retro rock and most of those groups are silly knock offs of groups that have already been. Few acts have the same grand vision that The Golden Grass has. Willing to lay down three part harmonies at a drop of a hat, ready to stun you with songwriting and continually building on the magic of the early prog rock scene, The Golden Grass are the type of perfectly put together rock and roll band that fans of all ages can find themselves grooving along too.

When it comes down to it - this is a band defined by great musicianship and excellent songwriting. The fact that they borrow from tropes of their forefathers literally doesn't matter because they put together music that is just that goddamn good. As one digs through the musical wonderland that is Absolutely one gets the sense that these guys could play literally any type of music and it would rule. There is nothing too weird, nor nothing too banal for The golden Grass to come in and lay their magic on. It's the sort of transcendent and poetic music that made so many people so obsessed with the 70s in the first place, but remains of high enough quality that it doesn't feel like a self serving imitation.

There's something for everybody with Absolutely. This is an album that is going to make you want to twist and shout, but it's also a record that is going to dig in deep to the sheer musical power of rock and roll to craft something timeless. The Golden Grass understand the beauty of the genre and the way they craft songs, never self serving but always driving towards a goal has made for something endlessly addictive. Undeniably fun and chock to the brim with memorable hooks, I dare you not to dance.

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