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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Wallachia - Monumental Heresy

I've been a fan of Wallachia since I was 16 or so, having been consistently thrilled by their massive sound and their ability to fuse the inherent fun of folk metal with something a whole hell of a lot darker. There is a breadth to their sound that is easy to fall in love with and suggests a band who can't help but to fascinate. These Norwegians bring a deep understanding of songwriting to their unique folk metal approach. This is what folk metal should be about - fusing truly atavistic music with well put together black metal, balancing dark and light.

This balance of dark and light serves to decorate everything from the lyrics to the arrangements themselves. Tracks like So We Walk Alone are counterbalanced with pieces like Untruthology Abolished suggesting a sense of hope even in the dark ravines of this universe. There is a sense of inner strength profligated throughout this album that makes it extremely comforting listening. The balance of harsh black metal vocals with a variety of styles of cleans is also thrilling. The potent choir on the opener, Heathen Shores is especially exciting. Toss in a few stringed instruments, rich keys and healthy doses of anything else a viking metal record could need and you start to have yourself a masterpiece.

Sure the band has only released four full lengths since their inception in 1992 - but I challenge you to find a more consistent folk metal band and a modern folk metal band who stay so true to the spirit of the genre. Rather than falling victim to the silliness that made the genre a bit of a laughingstock, Wallachia dug in, crafting ever more potent works and mesmerizes us with songs that speak of a time forgot. There is an undeniable beauty to Monumental Heresy that makes me want to come back to this time and time again.

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