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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Anicon - Entropy Mantra

Now these are the heavy hitters who we can't help but to love. Anicon have long been one of the most exciting bands in the Brooklyn underground. It's been two long years since the bands last offering, and now Vendetta Records is bringing you the delicious new release from these over the top and delightfully twisted black metal visionaries. The balls out assault of Anicon and their deep understanding of the black metal genre makes for something that is not only delightfully brainy but also capable of conjuring up the demons within.

I think for me a big part of the appeal of Anicon is how well they capture the black metal aesthetic, and yet they manage to deliver this in their own unique way. The high pitched and violent assault of a song like Paling Terrain only speaks to the breadth of this groups compositional brilliance. Counterbalancing searing melodies with simply colossal riffs, Anicon have gone to prove time and time again on Entropy Mantra that they deserve their role as leaders in the field of USBM. It's also important to note the stunning drum performance of Lev Weinstein, also of Krallice and Woe - he really brings the band to a new level here.

Swooping and mystical, black metal isn't something that everyone can easily get into, especially when it's a dense as Anicon can be. Yet these avant garde moments are perfectly counterbalanced by elements of pure fury. This is a black metal band with breadth and rage. With a sense of devastating terror that makes them truly visceral and songwriting that is simply excellent Anicon have only grown. This is an album that takes you on a journey and while the execution and tone might not always be where it needs to - they clearly have the potential to take on the world.

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