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Monday, April 23, 2018

Skinless - Savagery

It's not every day that a new Skinless record drops in your inbox - I still remember back in 2015 when Only The Ruthless Remain first assaulted my ear drums. I didn't think the band could push even further down into the world of terrifying death metal, and yet here we are, with what is undeniably one of their strongest releases yet. The forward stomp of Savagery speaks to the bands longstanding ability to tear fucking faces off and drives us into bold new vistas of death metal devastation. The band has grown ever more vile, and Savagery is the ultimate statement of this.

There is an undeniable sense of groove on this record that I think pushes this particular offering from the death metal legends ever further. The balls out assault of the bands rhythm section is unafraid to knock out your teeth. The go for the throat madness of a song like Siege Engine which crushes your bones even from the first track only goes to show what Savagery is all about. The sense of momentum that these riffs conjure up is delightful and the perfection of the songwriting only serves to make this record all the more interesting. you can get lost in this record in a way that doesn't often happen in death metal and I love it.

Of course - this is an album that pushes to expand what Skinless can be. Some of the songwriting here sees a strong advancement from the band and the melodic lines hint at a crush that has never been achieved before. The willingness to experiment with different sides of the genre, perhaps most notably with the doom death masterpiece Medieval reminds us time and time again that Skinless are in it for the long run, expanding their sound and hinting at a sense of death metal mastery the world has not seen for years.

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