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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Human Cull - Revenant

Human Cull has been one of my favorite grindcore bands for a while now. their unique brand of old school grindcore takes me right back to those magical days at the Mermaid when Digby Pearson and Al Dawson were king. this is an absolutely monumental offering from these grindcore freaks. Pushing further in the realm of death metal than previous records, longtime fans worry not, Human Cull continue to unleash the grindcore on songs like Blood. In fact - this record is prone to thsoe idioms that only one track clears the two minute mark.

There is a certain manic energy to Human Cull that has always made them thrilling. The ADD nature of the songs only serves to add to this. As you make your way through Revenant you feel yourself getting slammed this way and that by monstrous riffs and a dedication to devastation that you can't quite wrap your head around. The balls out assault of these songs is intense and you can't help but to thrash along. There is sort of an inner teenager in all of us who listen to this kind of music, an inner teenager who used to mosh around on their own to Slayer. At their best Human Cull reach in deep and invoke that inner teenager. 

The bloodthirst of this band is borderline unmatched. And yet they can do so much more. As the track, Baleful Foundation proves these dudes are potent songwriters with a sense of how to shape a record. Though it clocks in under twenty minutes these songs are worth hours of listens, simply because they invoke that selfsame sense of terror that the best early grind did. Of course this is married with more modern sensibilities meaning that not only is Human Cull an absolute motherfucker of a band, but one who could guide us all forward. 

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