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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Twilight - Trident Death Rattle

Twilight has always been a very special band. In a genre defined by the idea of having no gods and no masters, Twilight was a supergroup who thought to rise above. Also they had Thurston Moore from fucking sonic youth which is really weird to say the least. What this all goes to show is that this isn't just another black metal release. This isn't even another Twilight release. This is the release of three lost tracks which fit together remarkably well and which, in under twenty minutes give us a look into the bleak universe of this band.

There is a very real sense of tension to Trident Death Rattle the band was creating something truly special. There was a sort of vicarious sense of black metal blasphemy serving to make things extremely exciting and guiding the band forward. On top of that, The searing sounds and punishing electronics of Sanford Parker seem to only augment the madness here. There is something wonderfully dark about Trident Death Rattle, the sheer misery within makes it more than just another black metal EP. Maybe I'm lionizing it in light of all that has happened since this was recorded, but isn't that part of the fun?

Despite its short runtime this is an album that you can get lost in. Not only that, but this is an album that seems to constantly push the listener to dig in ever deeper. There are a lot of layers here and they speak to the eternal potency of this band and the genre as a whole. Black metal never works if you're trying to make something easy and marketable. Even this supergroup was alienating and weird. It made for something special which we could get lost in and which reminds us why we fell in love with this in the first place.

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