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Sunday, April 29, 2018

夢遊病者 - 一期一会 (Sleepwalker - For This Time Only, Never Again)

This is a weird one and one that I don't think I can properly understand even after multiple listens. A multi national and very mysterious lack metal collective, the group here has crafted something undeniable and terrifying. There is a sense of pure sonic obliteration but also compositional brilliance which serves to make this release a masterwork. The bands balancing of touches of world music with weird melodies and then again with raging black metal means that this release has a lot to sink your teeth into a much to ponder.

The band fuses a lot of weird and fascinating things here, you can easily pick out moments reminiscent of Xasthur but these are counterbalanced with elements of artsy prog a la King Crimson. This is all shrouded in countless effects and fascinating esoterica. It's not a record that should come easily to most, but rather an album that forces you to shake your head in awe. This is the type of black metal that I think really reflects where the genre is today, pushing boundaries, expanding ideas and intensely personal. This isn't a genre that a lot of people totally get, but releases like this which are so deeply polychromatic make it all worth it.

This is one of the weirdest records I will review this year. It is unafraid to be a little bit all over the place, but for me the bizarre and devilish assault that comes as a result of that only serves to accentuate what's going on here. This is the sort of wonderfully intense album that only comes across my desk once in a blue moon. It's the sort of album that makes you question what the genre can be and it will let you sit down and try to understand the inherent madness within. Sure this record leaves more questions than answers, but can't that be a good thing?

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