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Monday, April 30, 2018

Subduer - Death Monolith

There is something to be said for music that makes my cat visibly nervous. Billed as 'lo fi terrorist death noise' the balls out demented sonic assault of Subuder is apocalyptic to say the least. With harsh noise frills accenting a sound that is bleak, unrelenting and purely twisted it's hard not to be mesmerized by the blazing and fierce assault of Death Monolith. The bands devotion to lo fi and grim scenarios only serves to make them all the more delectable and the twisted soundscapes they conjure up can't help but to fascinate.

The twisted burning wreckage that is Subduers music seems to get only more mind melting with every passing track. Death Monolith shows us a band committed to toiling in obscurity and loving every minute of it. The demented screams are only counterbalanced by strangely catchy grooves. Toss in a gnarly drum sound and you start to see why Subuder can't help but to catch my eye. They borrow from a vast variety of influences and at times this record almost feels like Metal Machine Music, intent on making the listener feels as uncomfortable as possible at all times. I kind of love it for that.

Absolutely and delightfully punishing Subduer are more than just another noisy death metal band. They take the concept of groups like Full Of Hell and push it to its logical extreme. They look at Flipper and think 'this isn't weird enough'. That is where Subduer are coming from with Death Monolith. Sure there's only four songs here but that serves to only make the vile desecrations of this band all the more fascinating. You can't help but to dig in to Death Monolith. It's bleak and bizarre. What's not to love?

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