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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wombbath - The Great Desolation

This is an absolute motherfucker of a record. Wombbath is perhaps the Swededeath band who have aged best since their comeback in 2014. They have released several triumphant offerings, but this latest one, The Great Desolation, well, it's something else. Not only is this the sort of devastating aural blasphemy that makes for compelling listening no matter the season, but it represents a step forward for the band. It shows they have been paying attention to the current trends of heaviness, but building on it to make their take on death metal more compelling than ever before.

The chaotic assault of tracks like Born Of Filth and the demonic melodies that underscore large chunks of this record only serve to make The Great Desolation all the more fascinating. this is an album that can't help but to draw you in. It's not just death metal at it's finest, it's an example of how strong songwriting can make or break a band, and say what you will about Wombbath, but this album has some incredibly strong, delectable songwriting. This is a death metal fans death metal record, it's an album that takes insane twists and turns but is constantly defined by thrilling riffs and over the top sonic blasphemies.

Coming searing out of the gate from track one and refusing to let up the punishment until you are beaten and bloodied, The Great Desolation is a masterful offering. It's an album that careens forward and hints at so much more to come from these gore hungry freaks. It's insane to me that nearly thirty years after their inception Wombbath can be better than ever, but here we are. This is an album that you are going to want to spin time and time again simply because there is so much to digest. So come on in, the blood is fine.

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