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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Witch Mountain - S/T

Now this is a monster that I've been wanting to write about for a while. Witch Mountain's new self titled effort isn't just the first full length statement from one of the scenes formative bands in 4 years, but it contains some of the most impressive performances the genre has ever seen. This is the sound of a band who honed their sound on the road and now are getting ready to launch the sort of epics that lead to world tours and recognition far beyond anything that the group has experience before. This is the sound of a band leveling up, and they know it.

The highlight of the record is of course the absolutely insane vocal performance by Ms. Kayla Dixon. Her voice is deeply emotive, capable of seemingly anything, a master of every style she sets her mind too, she is a huge part of why Witch Mountain have come to be the juggernaut they are. Her multilayered take on the bands cover of Spirit's Mechanical World is just one example of how much she brings to the table. Everyone else in the band seems to have achieved bold new  heights in their playing. Nate Carson's drums come across as absolutely cavernous and the perfect complement comes in the form of Justin Brown's in the pocket bass playing. Meanwhile Rob Wrong has brought things to another extreme with some truly soulful playing.

Long story short - Witch Mountain have finally started to achieve their full potential. This is a record that is concise but brilliant. It showcases everything the group is capable of, it does not swagger, but it is bold and unafraid to prove to you that Witch Mountain are among the all time greats. The level of talent that they bring to the table on this record is simply jaw dropping and it hints at an extremely bright future. These guys have been developing these songs for years now, but it's hard not to fall in love at first spin.

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