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Friday, May 25, 2018

Full Of Hell/Intensive Care - Split

It's that time of year, Full Of Hell have released yet another magnificent seven inch split, this time with the heavy hitters in Intensive Care, a band who are descendants of Endless Blockade. Out on Anthems Of The Undesirable this is a split that captures everything I love about this underground scene, balancing just over two minutes of unrelenting blasts from the wizards in Full Of Hell with about five minutes of pure sonic mastery coming from the Intensive Care gang. Limited to a mere 512 copies, this is what punk should be about.

Full Of Hell offer a glimpse at new ground with their longest offering on the split, Latched And Snared. It sees some angular riffs hinting at one of the bands most metal moments to date. This of course is beautifully counterpoint by the endlessly destructive assault of their first two contributions, Loom Of Jewels, a track dominated by an opening voice sample before blasting into grinding mayhem and Collateral Damage, an ear ripping four second burst of fury. Meanwhile Intensive care with their bass heavy trudge tear ears apart. This is the sort of old school grind punishment that made the genre so fascinating in the first place. There is something almost magically crushing about the punch in the gut that is a song like Cancer Causes Rats.

This is the sort of split that perfectly reflects Full Of Hell's ethos. They are giving back to their scene, shining their light on a band who they love but who many of their fans might not be aware of. They are using their place in order to enhance those around them and you gotta admire that. This is a world of self serving people and bands who never go anywhere. Full Of Hell have instead opted to go out and spread the magic of one of their favorite punk acts. This is a terrifying release and one that will tear you the fuck apart. So get on it.

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