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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Archaic Tomb - Congregations for Ancient Rituals

Caverna Abismal Records has done some really great stuff lately, it's hard not to admire their dedication to the pure and unforgiving underground. The latest addition to their arsenal of great releases is a tape from death metal merchants Archaic Tomb, pulling from their last release Congregations for Ancient Rituals along with a bonus track that you won't find on the Caligari records edition. This is the sort of record that perfectly reflects what death metal should be about, brutal, evil and rising from the fucking dungeon.

The monolithic crush and riffage on a track like Vast Cursed Landscape is a perfect counterpoint to the the reverbed out Possessed-eque vocals. There is a focus here on songwriting that makes certain unholy elements found within even more monstrous. The overarching assault of these tracks comes together to create a unified and truly punishing front. There is something wonderfully ominous when the band lays back into a groove though, a fitting counterpoint to some of the more in your face riffs. There is a loving tribute to old school sounds throughout this record that serves to only make it all the more crippling.

Congregations for Ancient Rituals is a monster of a record, it's one that will take you on an ethereal journey and screw with your mind with every passing moment. The strange and nihilistic rituals of these songs forces you to choke on your own humanity. Waves of distortion are counterbalanced by arpeggiated chords and a sense of looming madness that would drive any man to the brink of insanity. With an emphasis on tritones and a boatload of riffs to keep the ear fascinated this is one death metal nerds are going to keep on repeat.

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