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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gruesome - Twisted Prayers

Gruesome are one of those bands who understand exactly who they want to be and then fit perfectly into that niche. In their case they want to be death and do a better job of emulating Death than just about anyone in the history of the genre. Their crazed dedication to annihilation, fierce riffing and over the top sonic assault has always been triumphant, and the way that they have been gradually tracing the legacy of Death through the ages is thrilling. Twisted Prayers is a loving homage to the Spiritual Healing era of the band and I love it.

There has always been something insanely addictive about Gruesome. I think it's that with most other bands like this - who clearly seek to emulate another - you have to ask yourself, "Why don't I just go listen to the original band?" The thing is that never comes up with Gruesome. In fact it's the total opposite for these guys. What they do is perfectly emulate the musical stylings of Death but with all of the benefit of modern metal mastery. So when it comes down to it, if you're a Death fanatic like I am you're just finding a band who are doing more of what you adore. I've listened to every Death record easily a hundred times, so getting to sink your teeth into something fresh in the same mode is a treat.

With flashy solos and the fierce trademark Schuldiner-esque riffing that has always defined this band the magical bloodthirst of Gruesome only expands with each passing song. They have been releasing material like bats out of hell for four years now and I have loved everything they have done. Gruesome is a tribute band to be sure but they are one who are so goddamn good that you can't help but to fall in love. They are a tribute band who expand far beyond their roots in order to be something transcendent and beautiful.

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