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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sear Bliss - Letters From The Edge

This is what I love about this job. I can randomly click on a record in my inbox from a label I like and find a group that has been around for a quarter of a century and is releasing some of the best black metal that I have ever heard. Letters From The Edge is the latest masterful release from Sear Bliss - a band who are more legendary than I ever knew. This is the sort of forward thinking and potent black metal that made me fall in love with the genre in the first place. Burning and beautiful, this is the bleak world we adore.

There is a colossal sense of mystery behind Letters From The Edge - the sonic poetry that makes tracks like Leaving Forever Land so utterly potent can only come from years of crafting some of the worlds finest black metal. Yet it so often feels like bands like this are lost behind the curtain. There are tear jerking moments here just as there are elements of poetic majesty. Navigating this album is a rare treat. Throughout Letters From The Edge there is an overwhelming sense of the sublime. This shines through in the weirder instrumentations, the daring musical choices and overwhelming sonic assault, and it can't help but to impress.

So many exciting elements are perfectly balanced here and Letters From The Edge shows that Sear Bliss are masters of them all. Some of the elements seem out of left field, like the folk metal flare of Seven Springs - but for me that's only part of the fun. Sear Bliss are bringing in every side of this music we love and refining it into something greater. This may not be for everybody, but I sure as hell know it's for me. Letters From The Edge is a triumphant sonic journey and one we are going to dream of for decades to come.

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