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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Nocturnal Graves - Titan

This is a vicious one. Overwhelming, destructive and bloodthirsty it has been five long years since we heard a full length from the masterful Nocturnal Graves. This is the kind of death metal band who really ascribe to the spirit of the genre. It has the gutwrenching delight of bands like Destroyer 666, whom they share members with, balanced with a more temepered and at times even thoughtful take. Yet within it all it's clear that these guys are ready to go for the fucking throat at any given time, and they love it.

There is a sort of primordial stomp to a song like Ecdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh with touches of old school death metal balancing right up against the newer acts. This is all balanced with a truly excellent sense of songwriting. The overall flow of this record is masterful guiding you from peak to screaming peak. The devastating assault of these songs is blasphemous and the burning crush of the bottom end can't help but to fascinate. The chainsaw guitar riffs scrape a barbed wire across your ear drums and the melodies are not only potent but full of the inherent creepiness that makes this genre so special.

Unafraid to embrace black metal tendencies and to proudly thrust out their chests in defiance to all that is held sacred in modern society there is something to Titan that will always please the inner 15 year old. They evoke that same sense of devilishness and they conjure up strange sound worlds the ever deeper you dig in. There is a deep understanding of death metal to be had here and every track seems to hint at the bands incredible knowledge of the genre. This is a dynamic take on something inherently exciting and it's hard to turn away.

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