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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Uniform & The Body - Mental Wounds Not Healing

I love how The Body have been doing all these fascinating collab records lately. It has led to them having what is simply one of the most exciting discographies in all of modern music. This latest project with the legendary Uniform, entitled Mental Wounds Not Healing is an exploration in electronic madness. It's the sort of wonderfully twisted and depraved sonic poetry that makes us want to dig in ever deeper into this music. It's fucked up and weird and full of bizarre electronics, I can't help but to love it.

There is a sense of forward motion on this record that only serves to make what The Body and Uniform have done here all the more fascinating. The unholy industrial crush of a song like The Curse Of Eternal Life seems to only get more horrifying with every passing moment. Also, I'd like to point out - it feels like Chip Kings terrifying shrieks have somehow gotten even more unsettling. There is a strange sense of auditory punishment that defines much of Mental Wounds Not Healing, it asks a lot of the listener, but that's why I love it. The controlled chaos and truly bizarre majesty is not something you're going to quickly 'get'.

Point being - I'm sitting here watching a crushing Phillies loss, extremely fucking tired and desperately curious where this collaboration can go next. Mental Wounds Not Healing is too exciting to put down after just a listen or two and it leaves me begging for another release from these two sets of masters. This record asks all sorts of strange questions and pushes boundaries in fresh and visionary ways. This is a refreshing burst in a oftentimes vapid scene and the bands know it. Overwhelming, heavy, and simply fucking scary what's not to love?

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