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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Pound - S/T

This one is fucking weird and I love it. Pound isn't exactly a record for conventional metalheads, in fact it's quite the opposite of that. It's a record that darts all around from death and grind all the way to doom but runs it all through their trademark insane mathy assault. This duo does the work of ten men and forces you to question basic realities around the power of grindcore. Ecstatic, surreal and wonderfully over the top, Pound have done something special her.e Sure this is a hard fucking listen, but isn't that the point?

There is an inherent sense of chaos that makes Pound an especially fascinating record. Every track has a distinct vibe and the sense of chaos that the band embodies from back to front is fascinating. The bottom end assault of one song is perfectly counterbalanced by the hyper speed angular guitar playing on the next. There are loops within loops here and some of the craziest drum work I have heard in years. While yes there are fairly obvious comparisons to be made to bands like Behold... The Arctopus! and The Dillinger Escape Plan, Pound still feel like their own thing and this record is sort of a surreal tribute to all they have accomplished.

This record isn't afraid to dart all over the place because its sheer diversity is what makes it so special. It doesn't surprise me that it took the band a decade of percolating to craft their debut. This is the sort of release that doesn't come often. It's so absurd and all over the place that most people I think wouldn't be able to properly process what comes together here. Pound is a masterful piece of music and one that is going to continue to fascinate me for years to come. It's weird, over the top and endlessly exciting.

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