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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Black Fast - Spectre Of Ruin

Black Fast have rapidly been making a name for themselves as one of the USA's premier thrash metal bands over the past seven years. Now with their third full length, Spectre Of Ruin they have reached bold new heights. With a leaner and more technical sound than ever before, this is a record that pushes the boundaries of what the band can do and hints at so much more from these new school meets old school stalwarts. Fusing Vektor with Revocation by way of Death, they are exactly what the scene needs right now.

Younger than many of their peers in the thrash revival school, Black Fast have always made a point of differentiating themselves. With a willingness to embrace all genres of extreme metal, but gleefully avoiding any sort of clean passages this is the sort of hyper speed assault that you can't help but love if you were raised on thrash. Yet the band isn't just that. They bring in lots of prog elements here, perhaps more than ever before, and the over the top shred breaks on tracks like Temple Of Leviathan only fuel the fire and serve to make Spectre of Ruin all the more fun, a true metal adventure. There are moments of gold here too, the album closer, Husk is a look into what I hope is the future of this visionary young band

There is something strangely comforting to me about music that is clearly and identifiably metal. Black Fast aren't fucking around with experimental new ideas here, they are simply doing what they do best. It's another step forward for them and the level of intensity maintained throughout this album is fucking insane. It shows a band with a healthy respect for their musical ancestors but the vision to break through to the masses of metalheads across the globe. Sometimes challenging and weird, but always a treat, this is a ripper for the ages.

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