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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Exmortus - The Sound Of Steel

It's hard to believe that Exmortus have been peddling their unique brand of shreddy and thrashy death metal for 16 years now. The band will have to be heading out on a twenty year anniversary tour soon! Yet that is a huge part of the appeal of this band. having evolved from backyard thrash metal maniacs to a veritable force in the genre the band has constantly impressed. Sure they've taken hits along the way like the amicable parting with longtime members David Rivera and Mario Mortus, but in some ways that was to be expected, this is the band embracing the next level.

Five albums into their career Exmortus has found a formula that works and is a fucking blast. The crazed guitars are here as always, topped off with insane guitar harmonies and over the top vocal assaults. This is the sort of classically inspired metal that made the genre so thrilling in the first place. sure there are moments that feel like the band still has yet to meet their full potential, but the maniacal mastery of a track like Feast Of Flesh is not the sort of thing that you will soon forget. Perfect for pounding beers and diving into the pit, The Sound Of Steel is an adventure in rock and roll insanity.

Full of powerful choruses and over the top solos this is Exmortus as you have always known them. They are the sort of band who have found their potent groove and lay right the fuck into it. This is nothing that is too out of left field, rather it is straight up tech thrash delivering the goods. We hear Exmortus having advanced as musicians and the sheer fun of these songs is a welcome relief to a metal scene that oftentimes takes itself too seriously. So yeah, there are a lot of notes and countless crazed licks, but that's what it says on the tin and it is triumphant.

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