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Friday, June 15, 2018

Opening Bell - Compound Eyes/Loma Atomal

Another day, another EP, there have been a lot of good ones in the inbox this week. This time we are digging into the latest from Opening Bell, the project fronted by Michael Reisinger the owner Sleeping Giant Glossolalia a label that has released all sorts of goodness from the underground metal scene from Insect Ark to Couch Slut. His latest EP, Compound Eyes/Loma Atomal is his labels fiftieth release, a stunning ahcievement in this day and age and it remains a completely thrilling and mystical one.

Though a mere two tracks, Opening Bell manages to capture a variety of emotions. There is a tense nervousness to the opener, Compound Eyes, the tension that defines it makes it almost scary. It creates the sort of mind melting assault similar to artists like Nine Inch Nails or perhaps even Brooklyn's Jane In Space. The harsh and fuzzed out growls on the second track, Loma Atomal counterpoint a track that is strangely peaceful. It's depressing and downtrodden but it also allows for a lot more space. You find yourself wandering through sonic landscapes defined by their mystical and twisted landscapes.

Altogether, Compound Eyes/Loma Atomal (And for those who might be confused, yes this EP is named after the tracks on it) is a fascinating little release. Though there isn't a ton of music it makes it impossible not to want to check out Opening Bell. This type of dark electronic music is increasingly popular among the metal literati and the weird magic of this EP leaves you biting your nails and gasping for breath. This is heavy by its own merit and that creates a musical wonderland you're going to be clawing your eyes to escape.

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