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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Tunjum - Deidades De Inframundo

Dunkelheit Produktionien has a long history of digging up some of the most fascinating sutff in the history of the genre. They have discovered countless unique groups over the years, and this latest release from Tunjum is yet another gem in a dazzling crown. While Tunjum has been around since 2007, this is the first full length from this Peruvian wrecking crew.With lyrics revolving around the Moche culture, the dominant force in Peru in the first millennium AD the band conjures up strange and devastating mythologies to make you question your sanity.

The crushing assault of a song like La Maldicion De La Bruja is thrilling. It evokes many of the bands influences from the world of old school death metal. The touches of Nihilist are tastefully counterbalanced with the death doom of Asphyx. There is a certain amount of dorkery that makes this album fun, it's sort of a South American answer to all of these new old school death metal acts dominating the touring scene right now. Tunjum are bringing their own brand of riffs to the fore and the riff heavy tracks on Deidades De Inframundo carry you across all sorts of twisted ancient South American soundscapes.

It's fun to listen to death metal bands who perfectly distill the magic of their musical ancestors. South America is a place where this scene has really come to flourish in recent years, but it's fairly uncommon for these bands to make their way north. I hope that with the power of this release and the clout of Dunkelheit that the Slayer inspired devastation of Tunjum is able to conquer the world. This is death metal the way I like it, fast and loose. Meant to send you to your grave and maybe give you a nightmare or two along the way.

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