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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Orange Goblin - The Wolf Bites Back

Let's be real, I listen to a lot of stoner rock and let's admit a lot of stoner rock is kind of generic, sounds pretty similar and isn't very constructive. That's what makes Orange Goblin so exciting, these Candlelight/Spinefarm signees have been grinding this out for parts of three decades and their unique take on potent riff oriented rock and roll remains extremely exciting. With The Wolf Bites Back they certainly pay tribute to their stoner rock roots but also prove that they are feeding into so much more around them.

What I love about The Wolf Bites Back is how the band includes everything from Motorhead to Budgie by way of Mothership. The bands deep understanding of what makes a good rock record gives these burly riffs and punchy rhythms a breath of fresh air keeping them potent and exciting. The chunky assault of Sons Of Salem kick starts the record and lets fans know exactly what you are getting into. Orange Goblin have consistently shown over the last twenty years that they are goddamn asskickers in every sense of the term. The punch in the gut that comes from this bands bottom end is exciting and reminds us time and time again what the band is all about.

With big choruses throughout and angular riffing giving the band a certain impetus that you don't often find in this music it's easy to see why the band has been pulled on to so many exciting festivals for 2018. The record sounds absolutely huge and it feels like every track seems to outdo the one before it. I have never been as sold on Orange Goblin as I am right now, it feels like The Wolf Bites Back is the culmination of a life time of work and fans of heavy rock across the globe are going to be falling in love.

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