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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Woorms/A Hanging - Split

This is an interesting split to say the least. A record that counterbalances a wonderfully slow noise punk band with a thrashy and over the top hardcore band, this split between Woorms and A Hanging is not only a thrilling juxtaposition, but a great way to showcase two damn good bands. There is something inherently exciting about discovering new music on a seven inch, and when the bands bring two very different attitudes to the table it becomes even more exciting to see what is happening and how people operate.

Woorms kick off the split with their single song contribution to the release. Clearly influenced by heavy riff rock like the Melvins and Helmet, the crushing bottom end of The Math Says Yes simply goes to show the sheer amount of sonic punishment that the band is capable of bringing to the table. Toss in a few noisy splurges and you start to get somewhere. However it is a welcome relief when A Hanging kick down the door. The first of their three track contribution, Graft is straight sonic punishment. Within 30 seconds it tells you exactly what the band is all about and you can close your eyes and envision bodies flying and punks going crazy.

Dizzying in its variety and blasting forward with the sort of bloodthirsty magic that makes punk rock so valuable in the first place, this is a split that conjures up images of graffitied basements, stinky crust houses and house shows attended by a devout and passionate group of fans.These are the types of bands who folks like me were raised on. They reflect the influences that are not only key to properly grasping what this music is all about but also showing us there is a path and if we carry on we will find meaning in this nihilistic semi charmed life.

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