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Friday, July 13, 2018

Disgusted Geist - Reign Of Enthrallment

This is the golden age of death metal you guys and Disgusted Geist are here to prove it. They come out swinging with an utter crusher in Impure Altar and it only grows from there. Building on the new school of old school death metal thing that has gifted us bands like Vastum in recent years, vocalist Peter Tomis (Also of Bloodmoon fame) guides the band towards utter sonic desecration. This is a pummeling and decimating release. An album that is unafraid to knock you out cold from the first and then feasts on the flesh.

Reign Of Enthrallment plays into a lot of the tropes of the genre, but that's okay because the tropes of the genre are fucking awesome. One thing that consistently gets me about this album is the fact that Disgusted Geist have absolutely massive guitar tone. It makes the Asphyx-esque stomp of the self titled track all the more devastating and certainly is unafraid to make its presence known throughout the record. There is a unique and blood curdling horror to this record. It's drenched in sacrilegeous aural punishment. The sheer breadth some of these riffs bring to the table is thrilling and hints at so much more to come from the San Luis Obispo bruisers.

The sort of death metal album you can really get lost in, Reign Of Enthrallment grabs you by the throat and proceeds to beat your head into the ground with a sort of hungry hatred. Disgusted Geist will have you swaggering around your apartment, knuckles dragging on the floor and chest thrust out. Circle pitting mosh madness for the underclass, it's simply horrifying to contemplate where this band will be in a few years. Monolithic in scale and balancing touches of death doom with a brutarian stomp, this is true death metal you bastards.

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