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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Axis Of Despair - Contempt For Man

What I love about grindcore is that no matter how much you think you have heard or how much time you have spent with extreme metal as a whole there are still bands that come out of the abyss and blow you out of the water. Hell, I've been a fan of a lot of the groups affiliated with Axis Of Despair for a while now. They feature members of Nasum, Infanticide, Overtorture and more. It's something of a supergroup. So it makes sense that they are great, but they are uniquely great, this record is a blast, that's the long and short of it.

When these grindcore guys get older they shift away from the more straightfoward 'I'm mad and this song is about being mad' stuff, and they also shift away from some of the more facile political statements. That being said, the songs are still short and angry, but now the structure and the layering becomes a lot more important. even some of the more straightforward bangers on this record, songs like Pawn Sacrifice, can't help but to show you a group who unleash pure and unreleneting torment. There is the sort of despair here that no spring chicken can hatch. Instead the unadulterated insanity of Axis Of Despair shines through in bitter new ways.

This is a mature and driven grindcore record of the highest degree. Contempt For Man represent grind in its finest form, high powered, angry and un-fucking-relenting. There are no 'chill' moments here. Instead you find your head being slammed into a wall for twenty minutes and are made to deal with it. Sure this isn't the art grind of a band like Gridlink, or even modern Napalm Death. Instead this is a band who digested years in the scene as well as a far bit of death metal and delivered half an hour of gut punching riffs.

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