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Monday, July 2, 2018

Eat Defeat - I Think We'll Be OK

Eat Defeat are a pop punk band from Leeds (Yeah I know, but it's my fucking blog so I write about what I want) and they may have the best promo picture ever. Just look at this shit:

And that's just about the long and short of what this band represents. Sort of a spiritual successor to Neck Deep, Eat Defeat are a whole boatload of fun, eagerly reminding you with their masterful new release I Think We'll Be OK that there are things in life to embrace and which you will find yourself falling in love with no matter what.

In a dark world full of stress and misery there is something incredibly satisfying about spending time with a band who focus on the positive and remind us of the beauty of this world. Not only that though, but these Bearded Punk Records signees are really fucking good. Every aspect of this band is finely polished, and that's very hard in pop punk. In a genre that has a low bar of entry it's common to find bands that slack on key elements of their sound, be it shitty bland vocals, poor guitar tone or generally bad songwriting. As I put this record on I was running through this checklist in my head and the more I thought about it the more I realized that Eat Defeat meet all the criterion for being a great pop punk band.

On this blog we often talk about music that plumbs the depth of the soul, that reminds us we face common struggles. Eat Defeat talk about picking up the pieces and putting them together again. That's fucking important. I know it's hard sometimes to want to listen to maximum good times music, but Eat Defeat knock it out of the park with I Think We'll Be OK. This album is fun, punchy and a reminder why we all fell in love with pop punk when we were 13 in the first place. So relax, smile and embrace the high energy love this band can't help but project.

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